Domestic FlightsBoarding and Arrival Procedures


  1. Check-in Counter

    After coming in the front entrance, proceed to the check-in counter of your airline to check-in. You can also confirm the departure time and conditions, such as weather, in your destination.

  2. Flight Information and Baggage Inspection

    Go up the stairs or escalator to the second floor departure lobby. After checking your flight time and departure gate on the flight information board, continue on to baggage inspection.

  3. Departure Lounge

    Until boarding for your flight is announced, take a break in the domestic departure lounge. There are shops as well, so don't worry if you forgot to buy souvenirs. Once you hear the boarding announcement for your flight, proceed to the proper gate.

  4. Boarding (Concourse/Boarding Bridge)

    While watching the airplane getting closer with each step, proceed across our lively concourse, over the boarding bridge, and onto the airplane.


  1. Arrival (Concourse)

    Cross the boarding bridge, continue straight across the concourse, and go down the stairs or escalator on the left hand side to the first floor.

  2. Baggage Claim

    When you get to the first floor, there will be two conveyor belts. Check the information sign to see if your baggage is on carousel 1 or 2 and retrieve it. Hand your baggage stub over to attendant to have your bag checked.

  3. Arrival Lobby

    Welcome home! Or welcome to Niigata! Please feel free to make use of the tourism guide board and the waiting space by the front exit.