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This shuttle bus runs between Niigata Sta. / Niigata Airport and Shibata / Tsukioka Onsen Excursion Spa (Reservation required)

Please see the following flyer(694KB) for more details.


Stops marked are for boarding the bus only, and those marked are for disembarking only.Stops not marked either way allow both boarding and disembarking the bus.

2020.10.26 ~

Niigata Airport/Niigata station⇒Tsukioka Onsen Spa

往路 Basic Course
JR Niigata Sta. South Exit
Niigata Airport 12:30
Shibata Castle/Shirakabe Heisha/Fukiya Kouji Memorial Museum and other (One hour free stroll)
Ichishima Sake Brewery (20 minutes free time)
Tera-machi area free stroll(Shimizuen/Ashigarunagaya/Ichishima Sake Brewery/Teramachi etc.)
Ijimino Ochaya (Tea House)
Tsukioka Onsen Spa 14:50~15:00
Arrival to the accommodation
  • Shirakabeheisha and Fukiya Kouji Memorial Museum are closed on Mondays and these activities will be replaced by 30 minutes at Shibata Castle Park and a 30 minute tour of the Amada Shouji Memorial Museum of Katana Traditions (350 JPY admission fee will be waived).

Tsukioka Onsen Spa⇒Niigata Airport/Niigata station

復路 Basic Course
Tsukioka Onsen Spa humming noyado, hurinya, kaho, senkei 9:30/kyuyu 9:35/shinyu 9:40
Gohnoh no Yakata -
Ichishima Residence
(35 minutes free time)
View Fukushimagata (15 minutes free visit)
Niigata Airport 11:10
Pia Bandai (getting off available)
JR Niigata Sta. South Exit
  • Gohnoh no Yakata Ichishima Residence is closed on Wednesdays (or following day if Wednesday is a national holiday). In this case, the visit will be replaced by 35 minutes of free time at the Amada Shouji Memorial Museum of Katana Traditions (350 JPY admission fee will be waived) and Carrion Park, and a 15 minute tour of Fukushimagata Lagoon Water Park.
  • There is an admission fee for Water Station View Fukushimagata, and it is closed on Mondays (or following day if Monday is a national holiday).


  往路/復路(Basic Course ) 往路(Sightseeing Course)
Fare ※One-way
Adults (Junior high school or older):¥1,000
Children (Ages 3 to 12):¥500
Infants (Ages 2 or younger):Free
Adults (Junior high school or older):+¥2,000
Children (Ages 3 to 12):+¥1,000
Infants (Ages 2 or younger):Free
Reservations Prior application is required (accepted up to 17:15 on the day before).
Reservation or questions:
To make an online reservation(Japanese only)
Minimum Passenger Count・Maximum Passenger Minimum Passenger Count:1
Maximum Passenger:20
Tour conductor The tour conductor will not accompany passengers, but staff from Humming Tour will be available as guides.
For Questions humming TOUR, KOKK Inc.
6-6-4 Daieicho, Shibata-shi, Niigata Prefecture 〒957-0056
観光情報 Shibata Tourism Guide(Japanese only)
Tsukioka Onsen Spa

Pick-up / Drop-off Locations

Niigata Airport
Niigata Station
Tsukioka Onsen Spa

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