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Course Content and time

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2023.04.01 ~

Niigata Station/Niigata Airport → Tsukioka Onsen Spa

Outward trip Basic Plan
Niigata Station South Exit 13:05
Pia Bandai 13:15
Niigata Airport 13:35
Ichishimatei (30 minutes free tour)
Tsukioka Onsen Spa 14:50~14:55

Tsukioka Onsen Spa → Niigata Station/Niigata Airport

Return trip Basic Plan
Tsukioka Onsen Spa 9:35~9:40
Aumont Sake Brewery (45 minutes free tour)
Around Shinbata Castle (45 minutes free stroll)
Niigata Airport 12:10
Pia Bandai 12:30
Niigata Station South Exit 12:40
  • If the tour destination is closed, it will be an alternative course. Please contact Humming Tours for details.


  Outward trip/Return trip
Fare ※One-way
Adults (Junior high school or older):
Children (3-12 years old):
Infants (under 3 years old):Free
Reservations Please book your seat by 17:00 on the previous day at the reservation desk "Humming Tour".
the reservation desk "Humming Tour":0570-037154
Minimum number of participants・Recruitment personnel Minimum number of participants:1
Recruitment personnel:20
Tour guide No tour guide will be accompanied.
Contact Humming Tour:0570-037154
Tourist information しばた観光ガイド
Tsukioka Onsen Spa

Pick-Up / Drop-Off places

Niigata Airport
Niigata Station
Tsukioka Onsen Spa

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