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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions at Niigata Airport

1. What time does the terminal building open?

The building is open from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
The hours of restaurants and stores vary, but the earliest store is open from 6:30.

2. How far in advance should I go to the airport?

For domestic flights, just about one hour before your flight boards; for international flights coming two hours early is recommended. However, weather and traffic can affect travel times, so please allow for extra time.

3. Can I exchange money at the airport?

There is a Daishi Ginko bank branch in the first floor International Arrivals Lobby.

Handling Money at the Window

  • From Japanese yen to foreign currency (USD, CNY, KRW, EUR)
  • From Japanese yen to traveler's check (USD, JPY)
  • From foreign currency to Japanese yen (USD, CNY, KRW, EUR)
  • For hours of operation, please check the Daishi Ginko homepage.
Daishi Ginko Niigata Airport Branch

4. What items are prohibited from being brought onto planes?

Items that could be used as weapons, such as sharp objects (scissors, nail clippers) and golf clubs, are prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.

Additionally, the size of carry-on luggage is also restricted. Please check with your airline for details.

Airline Company Homepages

5. What are the restrictions on liquids?

Liquids brought onto international flights departing from Japan have been restricted since March 1st, 2007. Liquids in accordance with the following guidelines are allowed on airplanes.

  1. Each liquid is limited to 100 ml.
  2. All liquids must fit in a 1 liter clear plastic bag with a resealable zipper.
  3. Each passenger is limited to only one bag of liquids.
    ※Medicine, baby food, baby milk, and restricted diet food are exempted from the restriction.

For details, please see the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism's "New Aviation Security Rules of Cabin Baggage applied to International Passenger Flights departing from Airports in Japan."

6.How can I rent a car?

Car rental companies have desks in the Domestic Arrival Lobby on the 1st floor. For more information, please inquire with each company.

Car Rental Companies Telephone Number
TOYOTA Rent a Car
NISSAN Rent a Car
Times Car RENTAL
ORIX Rent-A-Car

7. Who should I contact if I lost something?

The contact for lost and dropped items depends on the location.

If you lost something inside the airport building:

Airport Building Information Desk


If you lost something inside the airplane:

Please contact the airline.

If you lost something in the parking lot:

Airport Environment Improvement Foundation, Niigata Office