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Shared-Ride Jumbo Taxi

This service provides access between Niigata Airport and the Joetsu region without the need to transfer.

NewNow accepting online reservations.


Joetsu → Niigata Airport
(As of March 31, 2019~)

Departing from Joetsu Times
Taxi Stand at Naoetsu Station 07:55
Taxi Stand at Takada Station 08:15
Joetsu IC Tomioka Highway Bus Stop 08:30
Niigata Airport 10:20

Niigata Airport → Joetsu
(As of March 31, 2019~)

Departing from Niigata Airport Times
Niigata Airport 13:05
Joetsu IC Tomioka Highway Bus Stop 14:55
Takada Station (Front) 15:10
Naoetsu Station (Front) 15:30

Type of Vehicles

Minivan taxi (up to 9 passengers)

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Places


\3,000JPY per person for one way (Children under age 6 are free)

Group Discounts: If a single shared-taxi is booked for a group of 2 or more persons (excluding children under age 6), a discount of 500 JPY per person will be applied.

Reservation Desk (Prior Reservation Required)

For WEB Reservations:

*Reservations must be made before 12:00 (noon) of the previous day.

Reservations by phone

【Service Hours】
8:00 to 19:00
【Deadline to Reserve】
By 12:00 of the day before
【Reservation Desk】
Kubiki Hire Ltd.

  • 025-543-3488(Japanese only)

Reservations by FAX

Please fill out the following application form and submit by fax to Kubiki Hire Ltd. at: FAX 025-544-0680

Service Providers

Kubiki Hire Ltd.
Naoetsu Taxi Ltd.
IM Taxi Corp.
Takada Vehicles Incorporated (Takada Godo Taxi Corp.)

For questions, please contact

Kubiki Hire Ltd.

Service Hours 8:30 to 19:00

025-543-3488(Japanese only)

Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before using this service.