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Access between Niigata Airport and Sado Kisen Terminal is now more convenient!!

【As of April 1】 Notice of resumption of operations for the direct shuttle between Niigata Airport and Sado Kisen Terminal (at Niigata Port).

A non-stop shuttle route between Niigata Airport⇔Sado Kisen Terminal (at Niigata Port) is currently in operation, and will remain in operation after April. Please feel free to use it.
Furthermore, beginning with the third shuttle departing from Sado Kisen Terminal on April 2 (Mon.), the boarding location will be moved in front of the city bus stop. Please take care to come to the correct location.

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Sado Kisen ⇒ Niigata Airport(2020年8月1日~12月31日)

Route No. Sado Kisen ⇒ Niigata Airport Notice
1 8:40⇒9:05  
3 10:50⇒11:15  
5 12:35⇒13:00  
7 14:35⇒15:00  

Niigata Airport⇒ Sado Kisen(2020年8月1日~12月31日)

Route No. Niigata Airport⇒ Sado Kisen Notice
2 9:05⇒9:30  
4 11:55⇒12:20  
6 13:00⇒13:25 8/8~16、9/19~22、10/26~12/31
14:10⇒14:35 Operation times other than the above
8 15:00⇒15:25 10/26~12/31
15:20⇒15:40 Operation times other than the above

Type of Vehicle

Minivan (up to 9 passengers)

Fare (One-way)

Adults (Junior high school or older): \600

Children (Elementary school): \300 ※Children preschool age and under are free of charge

Pick-Up/Drop-Off places

Sado Kisen Terminal
Niigata Airport

Advance reservations are also available!

Reservation or questions


  • To ride, please come directly to one of the shuttle stops.
  • Fare is paid at the time of boarding. (Cash only, IC cards not accepted.)
  • Departure and arrival times may vary due to traffic conditions.
  • Passengers will be unable to board once the shuttle reaches capacity.
  • Route times may be subject to change.
  • At times, User Surveys may be conducted for the purposes of marketing research. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

For Questions

Sakura Kotsu Co.
Dispatch Center

1-11-43 Yutaka, Higashi-ku, Niigata-shi 950-0812

Sado New Air Transport Route Development Council
Transportation Policy Division, Sado City Industrial Tourism Department

232 Chigusa, Sado-shi, Niigata 952-1292